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My Top 10 Books on Leadership for 2018

“If you ain’t readin, you ain’t leadin” As we enter the winter season here in Ohio, I find myself having a little more time to get some reading in. If you are shopping for that leader in your life or are looking to up your leadership game in the coming year these are worth a …

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Hotel Review Travel

Embassy Suites Livonia, Review

Free drinks, roomy suites and delicious breakfast make this hotel a no brainer for the road warriors out there. Recently while doing a training in the Detroit area, I visited this hotel and was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the rooms and the cleanliness of the hotel. I will definitely be back to the …

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Learn To Light Tutorial

Perfect Sunset Portraits

The highlight of the wedding day for me is capturing beautiful sunset shots for the bride and groom. These photos are an especially great way to end your album and they are also the perfect image to share instantly on social media to create buzz.  I wanted to share my recipe to get perfect sunset shots everytime …

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Review Travel

My Favorite Cable Organizers for Travel.

When on the road I try my best to stay organized. I have found that one of the biggest issues I face is keeping cables and cords untangled and easy to find. Over the last few weeks, I have finally found a solution that makes my life much easier! Continue on to read more about the …

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Interview Video

Video Interview with Charles Maring

Last week I jumped on Google Hangouts with my friend Charles Maring. This was my first time using hangouts in this way so I am sorry you have to stare at my face while he is talking 🙂 During this interview, Charles and I talk about his approach to lighting as well as where he …

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How I Got The Shot How To

Exploring the Ringlight

Doxazosin’s advantages: 1. effective in prostate adenoma, 2. only single dose needed during the day, 3. cheaper than analogs. Disadvantages: has contraindications (however, like all similar drugs), requires a doctor's consultation at

As a way to share different lighting styles I am learning, I wanted to start a new category called “How I got the shot”. My goal is to share how I lit the shot, with diagrams so you can recreate the image if you like it! As always if you have questions or need 1 …

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